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re: This is Nova Blackout ! Please read before applying


Welcome to the recruitment section for Nova Blackout, an Alliance Guild on EU-Frostmane.

Our Guild was formed in 2011 and started life as a 10 man Raiding Guild.  In January 2014 we switched to 25 man and with the release of WoD and Mythic raiding, a 20 man Guild.

The GM and Officers of Nova Blackout pride ourselves in the fact that you will always be treated with respect and equality, something we ask all our members to observe when dealing with anyone; both within the Guild and outside of it.  As a result of how our Guild is run, this leads to a great raiding atmosphere which is fun, friendly but serious enough to get good levels of progression.

We like to see any players joining the Guild as both a raider and a Guild member.  However Nova Blackout is very active outside of raid times as well, so we offer possibilities not only for what we call a  'Core Raider' but also for people who want a more casual approach to the game.  Whilst our /G channel is of course active, we also enjoy each other’s company to talk and be sociable within our dedicated TeamSpeak server – you will always find a few of us on there if you want some Company.

Our current recruitment status will be as shown on the forums – it will change as necessary however, we will always consider skilled and talented raiders to improve and bolster our progress irrespective of what might be shown as classes currently required – so, if you’re really that good, we want to talk to you !

Our GM and Officers are active in game and regularly undertake meetings to plan the Guild’s raids and future.  Added to this, we also have a monthly ‘Info Meeting’ usually on a Thursday evening where all Guild Members are invited to have their say and give us ideas. If you're looking for a long term commitment, a Guild to raid and have fun with, you might have found the right one for you.

Some information now for those wishing to raid with us :

Raid days are: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 19.15 until 23:00 (ST: server time). We have a 10 minute break at 21:00.  The days might change due to the raiders wishes.

Our raid team is generally comprised of what we call ‘Core Raiders’ along with the GM and Officers who, for the purposes of raiding will hold the same rank as the Cores.  There are some Guild rules which we would ask you to adhere to and these can be studied once an application has been successful.  The most important rule for a Core Raider though is attendance and we ask for 80% (or 10 out of 12 raids in a 4 week period) as a minimum barring certain mitigating circumstances – just fancying a night off isn’t one of those ! 

We use TeamSpeak 3 and have our own dedicated and reliable server.  It is expected for any Core Raider to be able to hear us, speak to us and generally take part verbally in our raids.

You must of course know your class intimately but in addition, we expect you to have a working and viable OS so that we can maintain good flexibility within the team.

It is a requirement for all our Core Raiders that you have a good working knowledge of the tactics for each boss we will encounter.  Of course our experienced and dedicated Raid Leaders will be providing the finesse required to get us to the kill but we cannot spend time teaching the basic tactics – it’s a requirement from us that the Core Raider does some of their own ‘Homework’.

Loot is distributed using EPGP whilst applying a rank priority system.  This is a very fair system based on attendance and effort vs what gear you have been awarded already.  We do not operate a loot council other than in exceptional circumstances where EPGP priority can be overridden with a majority vote from the GM and Officers to give loot to a player who will benefit dramatically from it but whose EPGP priority may not be currently high enough to have it awarded.  This is an exceptionally rare situation and as always, the advantage to the whole team is considered over and above the advantage to any one individual player.

What we can offer you :

A nice and stable raiding environment with a lot of fun during and outside the raids.

What we want from you :

A Guild member/dedicated raider who can perform and that is eager to raid, both through good times and bad and through progress and farm.

So, if you’re ready to apply you can do this in one of two ways :

1. Use the link in the top left hand corner of your screen ‘Apply to Nova Blackout’, this will allow you to create a profile with Guild Launch and then it will take you through an automated set of questions.

2. Go back up a level from this thread and look at the Recruitment Template, if you already have a Guild Launch profile you can copy and paste the questions into a new thread in this section and fill in your answers.


By the way, the secret word is ‘Yellow’






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