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re: App: Valiznar

The application submitted by Valiznar is as follows:

Name : Sixtuzzy
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Frostmane
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Dwarf
Class : Shaman
Spec 1 : Elemental
Spec 2 : Enhance

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes


Name ::

Age ::

Gender ::

Location ::

Main Toon Name (including server) ::

Battle Tag ::

Position Applied For ::
Core Raider

Armory Link To Your Main Toon ::
i just moved to Frostmane to be here so it currently dont work

Why do you want to join Nova Blackout and how did you find out about us ?:
i used to be here back in DS back than i was very young and kinda wasnt so nice witch im very sorry about and I know dro/loves and would like to raid in a nice guild with a strong leadership

What were your previous Guilds and why did you leave them ?:
i was a officer in Sedition Draenor and i decieded to leave due to been treatened and yelled at from Gm and i didnt like that also orther guilds in Legion i kinda vent casual and tried to make my own fun guilds with friends a few times and didnt go so well so im now looking for a long term home

List any members of Nova Blackout who could vouch for you ::

What interests you in this game, why are you playing it ?:
Im playing this game to have fun/raid/pvp i like pretty much all aspect of the game its passion this game for me


Do you have a working microphone and headset ? (Speakers are not allowed due to problems with echo & feedback):

How would you rate your PC's performance on a scale of 1-10 ?:

How would you rate your internet connection on a scale of 1-10 (considering disconnections etc) ?:

Are you able to attend our raiding days and maintain 80%+ attendance ?:

What Addons are you currently using for raiding ?:
i pretty much only use bigwigs and weakauras for raiding

How much time have you played your Main Toon for (/played) and for how long at the maximum level ?:
583days 117days cr level

How do you react to an encounter that is proving to be problematic and may take very many attempts to gain the kill ?:
i tend to see progress as part of the fun if we keep wipe to the same thing i can get ireritated but im not raging about it

If during a difficult encounter, the Raid Leader has cause to question your game play style or individual actions, how do you generally react to such comments ?:
The raidleaders word in the raid is always the the thing as a member i need to follow so if his not happy thats something i need to change


Briefly list your WoW raid experience including the class you played with in Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK, Cata & MoP ::
I started raiding in Cata firelands clear on normal and a few heroic kills DS 8/8HC MSV full normal and later on heroic hof clear on normal later on heroic Toes clear normal later on hc ToT 12/12nomral 3/13hc and later clear SoO 14/14hc Hm 7/7M BRF 9/10mpre 10/10m later hfc 13/13m EN 7/7m ToV 3/3hc NH 10/10hc Cr killed a few bosses later and currently 3/9M

For those applying for a Core Raider position, we would like to see a screen shot of your UI whilst in a raid environment, please link it here. This helps us to see a little about what keybinds and Addons you prefer ::
i use blizzard ui

For those applying for a Core Raider position, we would like to see recent logs, please link them here ::

How do you see your role in 20 man raids ? What abilities do you use and if applicable describe your rotations and priority system ::
i play alot of different pålaystyles but ill have an idept shaman chat with kromh

Explain why you have selected your current MS and why you have chosen your talents the way you have. What Glyphs are you using and why, and what are your stat priorities and why ?:
Ele is simpliest the funny spec to me talents i change on everything fight and stuff so its different all the time

Tell us a bit more about your OS ? Is it current and active, do you know how to play it properly and could you switch to it and remain competent and effective in the raid team ?:
Enhancement i have 62traits 935ilvl good leggos

Do you have anything else to tell us about yourself and your raiding style ?:
That i love doing aoe :D like

Are you prepared to move both your Main and any Alts to the Guild and become an active player ?:
i alreaddy moved my main and is in the guild ill move more if it works out :D


What's the magic word ?:


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